Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Open Letter to Pot Smokers and Beer Drinkers in the park

First of all, I'm not looking to make enemies, but right now you people and I are at war. For the last year or so, I've been coming to the park almost every day. What I see there is disturbing to me. You see, the Parks Department doesn't have a lot of money so they can't pick up the trash that I see there every morning. They can't pick up beer bottles, plastic envelopes, cigar wrappers, plastic drink bottles or Dunkin' Donuts bags. I do. Since the trash I find is near the places that you smoke pot or drink, I figure you are the ones responsible.People tell me I should go to the cops, see the local community leaders and get them to patrol the park and put an end to it. But you know what? I don't want to. I was your age once. I drank and smoked too. To be honest, I don't think we should have laws about smoking or drinking. What bothers me isn't your smoking and drinking--it's the litter. So, I'm proposing a Peace Plan. I won't try and stop you from using the Park to do your"business". All you need to do is pick up your trash (all of it-even those little "dime bags") and put it in a plastic bag. Leave the bag in front of the tree trunk where I can pick it up. The same with you beer drinkers. Leave the bottles or cans right there on the trail. If you're not too drunk, put them in the bag you used to bring them into the park instead of throwing them or worse breaking them. This park is an important place. Some day, you may want to use it for other reasons. Don't trash it. Please. I know you wouldn't mess up your home or your friend's home. The park belongs to all of us. Every time you remember not to litter, you are doing something good for all of us. Please help. Save the environment; keep the planet green; don't litter!!!


  1. I must agree with you Joe. I to walk that park everyday with my dog and it upsets me to see the taging on the trees and all the junk that is left about (beer bottles, blunt wraps, used condoms) its NASTY. Now, I know what it was like to come to the park and smoke and drink as i did in my younger days but we always had respect for MOTHER EARTH. Its not hard to take your trash and dump it in the trash cans by the band shell or going towards the comfort station by the tennis courts. How would these people like it if i let my dog just crap in front of their steps??
    there are other living creatures that live in the park, in fact there is a BEAUTIFUL Hawk that claims the park as its home. If we all work together to keep it clean then it would be a better world.

  2. Thanks so much for your post,Joey. I want to say I really feel I have the support of the dog owners who use the park. Everyone (dog owners,joggers, bird watchers, pot smokers, beer drinkers and those who eat in the woods) needs to see that we are part of a park community.