Saturday, April 4, 2009

The greening of the forest

The woods at Forest Park are primarily oak. They stretch high above the forest floor and shade everything below. But this time of year, they haven't begun to even bloom. This gives the understory much needed sunlight . Almost a month ago, I sat on my perch near the pond in the snow. Today the forest has literally sprung to life. Everywhere below the still sleeping oak trees there is green growth. Some of the smaller trees are beginning to flower and tiny sprouts are covering bare places everywhere.The Parks Department has been running fresh water into the pond and the rains of the past few days have been helping it fill up. Soon, it too will green with water plants covering large parts of its surface, while the dry grasses which surround it will once again sprout with wild iris and other flowers. Help preserve this beauty. Come and visit us. Pass this blog address on to friends who share your love of nature. Ask them to become followers.

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