Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A week in the Golden State puts an interesting slant on my work here in Queens. Whether in San Francisco or Carmel, Point Reyes or the Big Sur, Californians value the idea of not littering. In the National Parks and on US 1, there's a $1,000 fine for littering. Even in smallish Buena Vista Park in San Francisco, administered by the city, I found virtually no litter. It however, is patrolled by the police. The streets of San Francisco are 10 times cleaner than New York. I know, New York has a much bigger population. My point is not littering is a part of the culture in California.If Forest Park were in California, its natural beauty would be supported by the people who use it and the borough and city that are responsible for our quality of life. All we need is the will to do the same.

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