Monday, March 9, 2009

Forest Park in the Snow

I was down at Strack Pond Saturday morning sitting on the oversized root of one of my favorite trees. Normally, when everything is in leaf, this tree affords me a view of the pond and is still somewhat hidden from the trail around the pond. Now, of course I'm in plain sight. The park looks beautiful in the snow, but without any vegetation, you can see the buildings on the other side of Woodhaven Boulevard, and you can see how vulnerable Forest Park is surrounded by the busy life of Queens. This oasis in the midst of the chaos of modern life is in danger. It's so easy to enter the park and so easy to drop garbage there. I find car parts, discarded computers, clothing, bags and containers from McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts, and beer cans and bottles everywhere. For sure, the overworked staff in charge of the park has been very cooperative providing me with garbage bags and work gloves and picking those bags up once they are filled. The Parks Department in general and the administrators of Forest Park in particular are dedicated, grateful for any help they can get, and are trying to wisely spend what little funds they have but it is not enough. For starters, we need to have the Woodhaven Boulevard fence extended to protect the rim of the pond. It's too easy for homeless people and others to enter the woods . And, we need the help of the Police Department to stop the illegal activity that goes on in the park. There are just a few stores that sell beer and malt liquor near the park.I'm not a forensic scientist, but it isn't a stretch to imagine kids getting drunk in the park and then going crazy starting fires, tearing down signs and throwing things in the pond.Are the police doing anything to monitor these places of business to insure they aren't selling to minors? Judging from the number of beer cans and bottles I've collected over the past year, I would have to say no.

Please join me in my fight to save Forest Park. Subscribe to this blog so you know when new posts are published. Acting together, we can do something to stop the destruction of the woods of Forest Park. Let's keep the forest in Forest Park.

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