Thursday, March 12, 2009

Your mother's living room

Suppose you needed a place for you and your friends to hang out and you happened to mention this fact to your mom. Suppose, for a moment, she agreed with you and told you it would be fine for your friends to come over whenever they pleased. Let's say one day you brought up a few friends to sit in the living room and play music, watch TV and do whatever they wanted. And, now let's say one of your friends was eating a bag of potato chips and when he finished he crumpled up the bag and threw it on your mom's rug. I don't think I would find too many people who wouldn't say, "You just throw your trash on my mother's rug? You never learned better than that?"
And of course, you'd be right to be angry at your friend.Perhaps, you would even consider telling him not to come back.

Forest Park is Mother Nature's gift to New York, to us, to you!

What are you going to do with that potato chip bag? You know what's right.

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